A Doodle a Day #225



5 thoughts on “A Doodle a Day #225

    1. Thanks, sure!

      I’d been thinking a lot about a former Latin American Lit professor and a book we read in class called “Hopscotch” by Cortazar. To this day this idea of individuals being multidimensional texts still resonates with me, like, a lot.

      The length of my commute on public transportation has increased recently since getting a new job, and thus the amount of people-watching has also increased.

      I guess these past two doodles, sketches, rather, have been a result of that … I guess I’m making early attempts to find the visual representation that accompanies this act of ‘reading others.’

      Anyhow, this response went on a little longer than intended -apologies! But also thanks for the interest!~


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